NVMe Hosting - 2X Faster Than SSD

SSD Reseller Hosting based on NVMe Drives is 900% FASTER than Traditional SATA Drives and 200% FASTER than the latest SSD Drives. Sure, SSDs are fast but V-NAND NVMe SSDs take things to a Whole new LEVEL! Our Corporate VIP Reseller Plans come with 40 CPU Servers – 128GB RAM and Powerful NVMe Drives.

PCIe NVMe SSD Drives Vs. Traditional SATA Spin Drives

NVMe Hosting

If you have noticed that your standard cPanel SATA Reseller Web Hosting is slow, it may be due to the use of a mechanical hard drive (also known as a spin drive), which is similar to the one found in most laptops. These older spin drives typically spin at 7200RPM and data is transferred via SATA connections. While SATA hard drives were sufficient several years ago, major search engines like Google now take into account the loading speed of your website when generating your position in the rankings. To achieve good search engine rankings (and to provide your visitors with fast loading speeds), it’s necessary to have the fastest possible website, which is where state-of-the-art NVMe Reseller Web Hosting comes in.

Why not go for Traditional SSD Drives?

NVMe Hosting

SSD hard drives provide faster data transfer speeds than traditional hard drives due to their use of SATA connections. However, NVMe drives that utilize PCIe ports offer even more significant speed improvements. For those committed to enhancing the loading speed of their customers’ websites, opting for the best storage solution available, PCIe NVMe Drives are recommended. These drives are twice as fast as traditional SSDs, making them an ideal choice for web hosting.


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NVMe Express

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