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No More Return Emails


Hacked Email Detection


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Cloud Based Email

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Our Corporate VIP Reseller Plans include MailChannels CloudCorporate Mail system for free. This system eliminates IP blacklisting issues caused by spam and compromised client mail accounts, ensuring reliable email delivery at all times.


Eliminate Blacklisting

MailChannels uses advanced technology to automatically prevent blacklisting by categorizing outgoing email traffic into various risk levels and delivering them from hundreds of continuously monitored IP addresses on the MailChannels Cloud. This ensures seamless delivery of your emails without any interruptions.


Artificial Intelligence

The MailChannels Reseller Cloud system utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and prevent spamming on customer hosting accounts. With MailChannels ResponseAnalytics™, compromised customer email accounts can be identified, improving both email deliverability and security.

Key Benefits of MailChannels


Keeps Your Domains Clean

MailChannels effectively stops all spam in its tracks, promoting clean domains that enhance SEO and improve reputation with users.


No More Return Emails

You never have to worry about bounced or blocked emails due to server blacklisting when using our MailChannels Cloud system.


Artificial intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to track sender behavior and limit spamming on customer accounts.


Cloud Based with Zero Downtime

Cloud servers eliminate the risk of a single point of failure, as faulty servers are automatically replaced, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability for your business.


Compromised Account Detection

Automatically identify email accounts and applications that have been hijacked within seconds.


Automatic blocked IP Replacement

Automatically replace blacklisted IPs with new, clean ones in real-time to avoid any blacklisting issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MailChannels

What is MailChannels?

In 2004, MailChannels was founded by a team of engineers who developed one of the earliest spam filters for commercial use. They recognized the challenges faced by service providers when spam was sent through hacked user accounts, leading to email delivery issues. Today, MailChannels is relied on by some of the world’s biggest service providers to ensure reliable email delivery.

What can I do with MailChannels Cloud?

MailChannels Cloud allows you to send outbound emails to your users with ease. By using MailChannels Cloud, you can prevent issues that arise from IP address blacklisting, ensuring smooth email delivery. Furthermore, the platform enhances your security by automatically shutting down compromised end-user accounts and scripts. Unlike traditional email services, MailChannels Reseller Cloud handles all types of emails, including spam.

Is it really Free?

Typically, MailChannels costs around $299 per month for 1 million emails. However, as a Hostao Corporate VIP Reseller, you get unlimited MailChannels email for free.

What happens when MailChannels find a compromised account?

When the MailChannels system detects a compromised sender or spammer, it generates a notification message to inform the user that their email account has been compromised or is being used to send spam.

Does MailChannels Cloud drop messages?

No, MailChannels will never lose or drop a sent message. If MailChannels encounters any issues while delivering a message, you will be provided with details regarding the issue.


Tired of Mail Problems?

MailChannels is specifically designed to effectively tackle spam and eliminate email blacklisting issues, ultimately improving email security. With our Corporate VIP reseller Plans, you can get MailChannels Cloud Email for free.


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