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Hostao CloudFlare Hosting offers a complete solution with all the essential features for running a fast and secure website.


CloudFlare Hosting

Hoatao CloudFlare Hosting offers a complete package for hosting your website in a secure and high-speed environment. By becoming part of the CloudFlare community, your website's traffic is routed through their intelligent global network, which enhances content delivery to your visitors, leading to improved performance and faster page loading times.


What is Cloud Flare Enabled Hosting?

CloudFlare is a free content delivery network that provides additional security and optimization for your website. With improved speed, accessibility, and security, CloudFlare is a valuable solution for any hosting service.


Who Can Benefit From Cloud Flare?

Our web hosting services, enabled with CloudFlare, are available to everyone, whether you're an individual running a website or blog, or a company website. You can benefit from all the features we offer. Check out the video below for more details.


What is Website Optimization?

Cloudflare's web performance optimization goes beyond just moving static files closer to visitors. With a range of optimization features available, users can choose any combination that suits their website's needs to take their web performance to the next level.


Enhance Website Security and Performance with CloudFlare

Using CloudFlare provides a significant advantage in managing threats, abusive bots, and crawlers, resulting in saving bandwidth space and server resources. This tool can help achieve a website with improved performance, free from spam and attacks.

Supercharged Features

With globally distributed content, caching, and routing technology, your website can achieve lightning-fast speeds!

You can save both bandwidth and CPU space by caching all static content of your website on servers located worldwide.

CloudFlare has a proven track record in protecting websites against malicious threats.

In case of server downtime, CloudFlare ensures availability of static website content, eliminating the need for panic.

Your website’s security is now strengthened with a multitude of security measures, ensuring a safer online presence than ever before.

CloudFlare uses the widely adopted Anycast scheme, allowing multiple machines to share the same IP address.


Easy CloudFlare Integration with Hostao

Hostao, a CloudFlare partner, simplifies the process of enabling CloudFlare on your website. With just a domain and a website, you can activate CloudFlare through a single click in our Control Panel. Within minutes, your website will be set up and ready to operate with CloudFlare.

It’s hard to determine the exact amount of speed gain for each website since each one is unique. However, by caching your content globally and optimizing visitor request routes, CloudFlare can enhance your website’s speed.

Cloudflare services are offered to all Hostaos customers who have purchased eligible plans at no additional cost.

Cloudflare is available for all Shared Hosting plans (UK, USA, Singapore, and India Shared Hosting) and Reseller Hosting plans.

You can easily enable CloudFlare on your Hostao hosting account with just a few clicks through the control panel. Follow this link to access step-by-step instructions on how to enable CloudFlare.

With Hostao and CloudFlare, you can easily update your website’s files and ensure they are distributed globally through CloudFlare’s network. You also have the option to customize your cache settings for optimal performance.

Certainly, you can disable the Cloudflare service at any time through your cPanel account. For step-by-step instructions on how to disable Cloudflare, please click on this link.

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