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An enthusiast beheaded fulfilling the dream of tweaking the Internet out to every business and enterprise. How? Let us read out the entire story in the words of REJI MODIYIL – the Founder and CEO of HOSTAO LLC.

Hostao Web Hosting Solutions, also known as Hostao LLC is a leading web hosting and domain service provider to small and medium-level businesses. The company’s core expertise lies in providing affordable hosting solutions to all of its clients. Established in 2010, the company offers web hosting and domain selling services using the latest Dell server technology  to ensure the best performance of customer websites. 

Hostao Web Hosting Solutions offers fast and unlimited US-based website hosting services, VPS, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and bespoke hosting services regardless of the size and needs of their client’s businesses. 

In an interview with GoodFirmsReji Modiyil, the CEO and Founder of Hostao Web Hosting Solutions discussed how the company came into existence and his role as the Professional Head of the HostaoFamily.

Reji starts the interview by sharing his tech enthusiasm and his wishes to popularize tech-related matters to all, irrespective of their background. He shared that he strongly believes in the power of the Internet and hence, tried to penetrate the idea of providing affordable web hosting services to all. 

He crafted his dream company in 2010 that got it officially registered in 2016. He said he brought user-friendly, and cost-effective hosting services in the era when everyone was trying hard to find the best hosting provider. Hence, Hostao Web Hosting Solutions came up and successfully grew thereafter.

Today, the company provides extensive hosting solutions that help enlarge the horizon of its satisfied customer feedback. The Research & Development team of the company provides a hassle-free and secure ecosystem to ensure a seamless experience for the customers. As a company’s CEO, he always tries to sync vision with the company’s goals and objectives.

Regarding the business model of the company, Reji affirms that all the activities and operations in the company are handled in-house. The employees hired in the company operate all the tasks and projects as it seems easier to manage the team and control the processes in-house.

Reji claims that Hostao is different from other IT companies. The USPs of the company with added features include some of the important points like providing sophisticated hosting technology training in deep, induction of one-to-one interviews with the client, dynamic technology evolution like upgrading the latest version to the existing customers, user-friendly hosting system, decent hierarchy, and quality in technology along with absolute client security and technology. 

As Reji affirmed that the customers mainly approach the working of the website utilizing WordPress, and now all social sessions are resolved using live sessions for the customers. These sessions are helpful and let customers with basic knowledge understand and learn quickly how a website works. The company is ranked as a top website hosting company in India in GoodFirms listings and the review displayed below helps a lot to understand how Hostao values its clients. 

Reji Modiyil implements a unique method for measuring the customer satisfaction rate in Hostao. The reviews from the customers have always been helpful to understand whether they are satisfied with the service or not. 24/7 available customer support team analyses and resolves the customer’s problems and needs as soon as possible.

RazorPay including all payment options like MasterCard, Visa, UPI, PayPal, and Stripe are the most commonly used payment gateways in the company. The basic hosting plan costs INR 3,000 per year, the professional plan costs INR 4,200 per year, and the business plan costs INR 5,400 per year. The average price range of the project costs between INR 250 to INR 450 per month. 

Reji concludes the interview by sharing about the company’s growth in the next 10 years. He claimed that Hostao Web Hosting Solutions will be a globally recognised web hosting company in the coming 10 years. The company mainly aims to ensure a website for everyone by educating everyone about how the Internet impacts our society. This way, people with basic knowledge would also become able to understand and work using a website.

Reji first admits that Hostao mainly focuses on marketing with keeping the buzzword “Quality hosting & Affordable Price”. He claims once again that Hostao will be at the top 5 list soon as the major workflow of the company is designed to involve a combination of value and quality.

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