what is the distinction between Addon domain, Parked Domain & Subdomain?

what’s an Addon domain?
what is a Parked domain?
what’s a Subdomain?
what’s a primary domain?
what is an Unassigned domain?
converting a website’s undertaking

what is an Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a totally useful domain that may be created from inside your manage panel. This addon domain is a brand new, unique internet site hosted in a new folder on your account so you can host several domains from one control panel. you may deliver an addon domain electronic mail addresses, forwarders, and extra the identical manner as a primary (main) domain on the account.

when you create an Addon domain, three things happen:
A folder is created within the ‘public_html’ directory
A subdomain is created for the primary domain and connected to the brand new folder
the new domain name is related to the subdomain
as an instance, if the number one domain turned into ‘’ and also you assign the Addon domain ‘’ to the folder ‘123’, the following routes (URLs) would be proper:
All 3 of these paths could get entry to the identical directory and display the equal internet site. however, in the subject for your internet site’s viewers going to, there may be no proof that they may be being routed through, and everything will feature as every day.
if you want to understand greater about developing an add-on domain, please see changing a domain’s assignment.
This all occurs mechanically whilst an Addon domain is assigned to an account; there may be no need for similarly movement vital apart from loading content material into the addon domain folder.
additionally, for those still concerned with being active, there’s a technique in which you may disable the route from gaining access to the website without disturbing the course. this may be determined in our know-how base article: restrict subdomain get right of entry to addon domains.

what’s a Parked domain?

A parked domain is an alias of your primary domain — it points to the same internet site as your primary domain. multiple domains, equal website.

as an example, if is your important internet site, you should purchase cars. internet and assign it as a parked domain. If a traveller were to visit cars. internet, they might see the equal website as though they’d typed
In other words, each and will factor to the identical website, “index.htm.”
what’s a Subdomain?
A subdomain is a prefix introduced in your unique domain call, like a site inside a domain, normally following the shape They behave very just like an addon domain and are frequently created to separate your website’s special sections, such as or
you may create a subdomain from domains > Subdomains > add Subdomain inside your account as shown below:
input your favoured subdomain in field 1, then pick out considered one of your domains from the drop-down list. subsequent, input the report Root in field three (that is the folder that incorporates the website you want to show). We propose that you use the identical name for this folder as your subdomain. lastly, click on the upload subdomain button.
To realize greater approximately this, please see the article: what’s A Subdomain and the way Does It work? the way to Create A Subdomain.
what’s a number one domain?
A primary domain is a primary domain your account is in most cases associated with or is known as after. usually, that is the first actual domain that you use on your account. it’s also the domain that you use to log into your hosting account.
you could rename your account’s number one domain several times. A rename, in most cases, is most effective a beauty change to which domain cPanel indicates within the top toolbar. The difference between the number one domain and an Addon domain’s functionality simplest has to do with the agency of their documents; A primary domain doesn’t have any extra blessings over a parked or addon domain. To know extra about this procedure, please read the way to exchange Your number one domain.
what is an Unassigned domain?
observe: domains may be assigned and unassigned from the domain manager. the stairs for getting access to the domain supervisor will range depending on which sort of account you have got.
converting a site’s mission
you can alternate your domain undertaking as you please by way of:
Signing in on your Bluehost account.
click at the domain names tab within the left-hand side menu.
Search for the domain you want to assign and click on the arrow down ▼ button next to control.
And hit on Assign.
you may be redirected to a page wherein you could pick whether or not to make the domain an Addon, a Parked, or an Unassigned domain.
remember to click on the Assign this domain button within the lower-right nook when you’re finished.

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