For Your New Website, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shared Hosting

Are you looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to get your business ready for the future? Hostao LLC is launching an innovative Shared Hosting Plan in 2023 that can help you do just that. The plan, which has been designed with scalability and reliability in mind, will enable businesses to benefit from highly secure hosting services at a fraction of the cost. With its robust features and flexible pricing options, Hostao LLC’s Shared Hosting Plan is set to revolutionize the industry.

What does shared hosting mean?

Multiple websites use the same server space under a hosting model known as shared hosting. Technically speaking, a single physical server is split into several smaller servers that all share the same server resources, so the resources are also distributed among the users. CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and other resources are available on servers.

Consider an apartment inside of a complex. There are a number of rooms in the apartment, including a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Since this is a shared place, the three aforementioned rooms—the kitchen, bathroom, and living room—are divided equally among the housemates even if each bedroom is rented out to a separate roommate.

Wouldn’t it be preferable to have the full server to oneself, even though the thought of sharing space with other websites sounds fine? If your website is fresh, then no, as long as your traffic is still increasing. In reality, there are advantages to it as well. Let’s examine the benefits of shared hosting now.

Use Hostao LLC’s Shared Hosting to host your website right away!

Five Advantages of Shared Hosting for New Websites

  • a cost-effective option

The most cost-effective hosting choice is shared hosting. With low to moderate traffic at first, it is especially helpful for new websites since it allows you to test and fine-tune your site without spending a tonne of money.

When beginning a new internet business, Hostao LLC is aware of how challenging it might be. Start your own business website with our shared hosting for as little as $3 per month.

  • cPanel built-in for simplicity of control

Managing website hosting may be difficult, especially at first. You can easily handle your web hosting duties, such as setting up emails, databases, add-on domains, and more, using cPanel thanks to its free panel that is both incredibly straightforward and potent.

  • No technical knowledge required

You can get in touch with the service provider if you have any technical questions or needs for server administration because the hosting company handles these tasks in-house. Additionally, if you lack technical expertise, you may avoid paying the additional fee to employ a third-party server administrator.

  • Simple to scale and manage

With shared hosting, you are not required to oversee the whole server that hosts your website. In reality, the hosting company listed above will handle everything, so you don’t even need to manage it all. However, there are some elements that would need to be managed, such as website design, the installation of scripts and programs, etc. These programs may be installed using shared hosting with only one click. Additionally, SitePad Website Builder is a drag-and-drop website builder that is easily accessible using Softaculous, a one-click program installation included with our Shared Hosting, and can be used for website construction.

Additionally, switching from one Shared Hosting plan to another is simple once your website has outgrown its server space and traffic.

  • SSL encryption

Even while various hosting configurations are thought to be safer, all are still prone to dangers. Both the service provider and the website user are responsible for maintaining the security of their website by implementing the required security services. However, it has been shown that the majority of newly launched websites lack the necessary security safeguards. There are several reasons why this can be the case, including a lack of knowledge or limited resources. For this reason, all of our Shared Hosting plans from Hostao LLC include a free SSL certificate to protect the security of your new website.

Use Hostao LLC’s Shared Hosting to host your website right away!

Quick Summary

Every company or blog that wants to operate online requires a website and a hosting provider. Shared Hosting is an entry-level package; while it may not be appropriate for a website with high traffic, it is generally the greatest option for new websites that need to establish themselves.

Shared hosting has several advantages over its drawbacks, which exceed them all. The perfect solution to launch your new website is reasonably scalable, user-friendly, cost-effective, and all of the above!

So why do you still wait? Use Hostao LLC’s Shared Hosting to host your website right away!

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